Episode 6: off to Krakow, the diversification of Orange offers in Poland

Operating in a fiercely competitive market, Orange Polska stays tuned to the new opportunities created by emerging digital technologies and practices by launching two particularly innovative offerings. A French sales advisor from Bordeaux, Sandrine, travelled all the way to Krakow to discover them with Michal, her Polish colleague.

Orange Finanse: our 100% mobile bank

Poland has more than 38 million inhabitants and about as many bank accounts. Opening an account is simple and quick: many people have several to make the most of what’s on offer: one account for receiving their pay, another for savings, another for credit, etc. It’s in this rather favourable context that, in October 2014, Orange Polska joined forces with mBank, the country’s fourth-largest retail bank and the national leader of online banking, to create a 100%-mobile, Orange-branded bank: Orange Finanse. Within 6 months, it attracted 100,000 customers – and that’s just a start.

Orange Energia: when energy rimes with new technology

Who imagined Orange would, one day, sell electricity? And yet that’s exactly what we’re doing with Orange Energia, an attractive offering for our customers in Poland. When the Polish electricity market commercially opened to competition in February 2015, Orange proceeded to the full-scale commercial launch of its own offer, Orange Energia, through a partnership with Polish utility Pol-Energia. The promise is simple: to slash power bills. In short, the more Orange telecom services you use, the cheaper your electricity. Clearly these offers strike a chord: almost six months after its commercial launch, Orange Energia already had more than 6,000 orders.


Episode 4: next stop Douala: discovering Orange’s distribution service in Cameroon

Mathilde, a 25-year-old sales advisor from the store in Rennes, in France’s Brittany region, heads to Douala in Cameroon. She meets Manuel, who enables her to discover Orange Cameroon’s distribution system in connection with the All Sellers Day event.

Orange Cameroon

Orange Cameroon, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, boasts more than 600 employees and 6 million customers. To cater for our Cameroonian customers’ broadband needs, a few months ago Orange launched 3G, which has transformed their way of communicating, entertainment options and working life.


All Sellers day

Launched in 2011, the “All Sellers” day takes place every year in Cameroon. This year, it is bringing together 420 employees in the field across 10 regions of the country. It is an opportunity for employees not involved in sales to offer advice on and sell Orange offers by meeting customers face to face.