S1 ep13: Stopover in Balti, Moldova: the Orange Cinema Tour

Renaud is flying to Moldova, between Romania and Ukraine, where he meets Cristina as the Orange Cinema Tour is rolling into town. Hotly anticipated by the locals, the event is being held to promote culture via its travelling cinema, on tour in 11 towns and cities across the country. Stopover at Balti, the second largest city, where Cristina and her team set up this huge open-air cinema in just a few hours…

Orange Cinema Tour

Orange Moldova organised for the second year running the Orange Cinema Tour. From 15 June to 17 August 2013, an Orange road show made its way across 11 Moldovan cities giving citizens the opportunity to enjoy free open-air cinema screenings and summertime activities. The aim of this initiative is to promote local culture with the broadcasting of classical movies produced in the Republic of Moldova. This family-oriented project, which addresses most of the regions of the country, is now becoming a very popular event.

Orange Moldova

Orange Moldova is a subsidiary of the Orange Group. In Moldova, the company has been providing mobile service for more than 15 years, serving about 2.5 million customers. It is the most extended and popular telecommunication services operator of the country. Orange Moldova has been many times awarded at international level for its innovation leadership, for instance for the very first worldwide HD Voice call in 2010, the 4G launch in the capital city, Chisinau, in 2012, and in the second largest city of the country, Balti, in 2013. Orange Moldova Foundation is very active in education, health and culture. Today Orange Moldova has around 1,000 employees.

S1 ep12: stopover in San Francisco: Open Innovation

Charlène is jetting off to San Francisco, at the heart of Silicon Valley. She is meeting with Pascale, who takes her to discover the Orange Institute where she is be able to find out about Open Innovation with Orange Fab, the Group’s start-up accelerator… Together, they see how Orange’s development center in Silicon Valley spots and examines the trends that are taking shape in the region and identifies new technologies and innovative products, in order to make strategic proposals to Orange for future services…

Orange Fab

Orange Fab is a start-up accelerator that wants to reinvent the way in which people interact and communicate. Over a three-month period, Orange supports innovators as they develop their product and activities, providing them with access to a business mentor, engineers and designers from Silicon Valley. Orange Fab enables start-up entrepreneurs to focus on the growth of their business, to launch their services on a global stage and to create products and services that enhance today’s telecommunications world.

Orange Institute

Orange Institute is a pluridisciplinary think tank created by Orange. Its objective is to learn about and prepare for the rapid transformations that digital innovations are spawning in our networked society. Orange Institute organizes “immersion workshops” throughout the world where participants will meet and connect with new people, ideas and products that are shaping and defining today’s and tomorrow’s digital landscape.

S1 ep11: stopover in Gurgaon, India: inside the NOC Room

Jean-Christophe takes off to New Delhi, where he meets Sonal, head of quality of service to customers at Orange Business Services. While she’s showing him around the India Major Services Centre, a network outage occurs in Texas. They go straight to the NOC Room, where engineers are rerouting the traffic.

The NOC Room

The NOC (Network Operations Centre) Room is the technical support center for the Orange Business Services network. From this room, engineers have remote control over the entire business client network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They localize issues and shift communications to another part of the network so that they can resolve the problem. The team resolves at least 5,000 incidents every month.

Orange Business Services in India

Orange Business Services, the business communications arm of France Telecom Orange, has been present in India since 1969, when SITA, (Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques), was created to meet the need of the airline industry. Since then, the company has transformed itself with the acquisition of Equant by France Telecom in 2000 and the consolidation and rebranding of the group’s business communication services to Orange Business Services in 2006.
Orange Business Services employs 2,300 people in India.

S1 ep10: Stopover in Bucharest, Romania: 3rd International Festival of Ideas

Renaud is flying to the Romanian capital for the 3rd International Festival of Ideas – a celebration of Orange employees’ innovation and creativity. He meets Andreea, whose project won last year and who shows him around the backstage of this year’s event and introduces him to some candidates.

Ideas Festival

In 2012, the third International Ideas Festival was held in Bucharest, Romania. This major innovation forum aims to showcase the best ideas submitted by Group employees and to demonstrate that innovation is in all businesses and entities. France, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Egypt, Jordan, Senegal, Orange Business Services, and Orange Labs, Networks and Carriers (OLNC) all took part and put forward their ideas. Employees in each of the participating countries voted for their favorite ideas.

Orange Romania

Orange Romania is the leading mobile operator on the Romanian market with over 10 million customers and revenues of €931 million in 2012. With the launch of 4G in December 2012, Orange Romania is reaffirming its commitment to offering its customers the very best in mobile communication services. In June 2013, Orange Romania enhanced its offering by launching a television service. Orange Romania has 2,800 employees.