S1 ep11: stopover in Gurgaon, India: inside the NOC Room

Jean-Christophe takes off to New Delhi, where he meets Sonal, head of quality of service to customers at Orange Business Services. While she’s showing him around the India Major Services Centre, a network outage occurs in Texas. They go straight to the NOC Room, where engineers are rerouting the traffic.

The NOC Room

The NOC (Network Operations Centre) Room is the technical support center for the Orange Business Services network. From this room, engineers have remote control over the entire business client network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They localize issues and shift communications to another part of the network so that they can resolve the problem. The team resolves at least 5,000 incidents every month.

Orange Business Services in India

Orange Business Services, the business communications arm of France Telecom Orange, has been present in India since 1969, when SITA, (Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques), was created to meet the need of the airline industry. Since then, the company has transformed itself with the acquisition of Equant by France Telecom in 2000 and the consolidation and rebranding of the group’s business communication services to Orange Business Services in 2006.
Orange Business Services employs 2,300 people in India.

nos voyageurs

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