Artur meets Jean-François in Strasbourg: focus on NFC technology

How does NFC (Near Field Communication) facilitate daily cell phone use? Artur, who is Polish, and Jean-François, who is French, are both working on this technology. Together they visit Strasbourg, one of the cities in France pioneering the installation of NFC. It is on this technology that the Orange Cash solution is based, making the act of paying much easier and faster.

NFC Technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communications technology allowing the exchange of information among peripherals up to a distance of around 10 cm. It is revolutionizing daily cell phone use. In other words, it enables the cashless payment offered with the Orange Cash solution, it is integrated into transportation cards, and it facilitates tours of cultural locations equipped with the technology. For example when you approach a work in a museum, specific content is automatically displayed on your mobile phone.

Orange Cash

Orange Cash is a mobile payment solution offered by Orange. To pay a business, you just place your cell phone on a payment terminal that accepts cashless payments. Orange Cash is now open in Strasbourg, Caen, Nice, Lille and Rennes. Orange is the first telecommunications operator in France to offer its customers a new mobile payment experience.

Episode 3: Jérémy meets Asako to discover the innovations at Orange Labs Tokyo.

Jérémy, 25, a sales clerk in a Paris shop, is setting sail for the land of the rising sun. Asako, who works as a Design Researcher at Orange Labs in Tokyo is waiting for him. She shows him how Orange takes inspiration from this ultra-innovative ecosystem to offer products and services with a single objective in mind: to offer the best customer experience.

Orange Labs in Tokyo

Orange Labs in Tokyo is made up of 30 people and 10 different nationalities. Their mission is to conduct a tech watch, of course, but also to develop partnerships with companies in the Asian ecosystem while benefiting from the proximity to technology. They have one objective in mind—to offer the best customer experience!

focus on Japan DC Expo

The Digital Content Expo is held every year in Tokyo. This trade show is a real meeting point for researchers, designers, and investors; this is where the trends in new technologies over the next 5 to 10 years are unveiled.