S2 ep2: Carolina meets Yvan – show hello 2014: innovation to enhance the customer experience

On 2 October, Carolina, an Orange Spain employee, was headed to Paris to meet Yvan, whom she had never met before. Yvan – an innovation ambassador who takes his role very seriously – guides her behind the scenes of the Show Hello, third edition. She discovers how this extraordinary event makes our Group shine globally and how proud the teams who made this happen are.

show hello 2014: innovation to enhance the customer experience

On October 2, the third edition of the show hello took place at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. The event focused on the customer experience, which lies at the heart of the Group’s strategy. At the event, Stéphane Richard presented the new products and services offered by Orange for the home, workplace and whilst on the move. The morning was dedicated to our external audiences, by which we mean decision-makers, partners, journalists and bloggers. In the afternoon, Stéphane Richard wanted to share the pride of streaming a second session of the show hello live to our employees in France.

Orange’s innovation chain

Did you know that 18 of the innovations presented at the 2014 show hello originated in the Group’s research laboratories? The research laboratories abound with innovative ideas inspired by the extensive work undertaken on the evolution of technological and societal trends. These teams carry out a great deal of work upstream, including sometimes establishing a prototype, before handing over the project to the marketing, development, design, information systems and sales teams… All the teams have the same objective: to turn these ideas into innovative solutions that create value for our customers.

S2 ep1: Ian meets Frédéric – when digital technology revolutionizes healthcare

In the first episode, Ian has a meeting with Frédéric, whom he has never met or talked to before. They both work in the healthcare field at the Group, but do they really know anything about each other’s work environment? Frédéric shows Ian the “No Film Area”, a film-free X-ray solution used in hospitals in the Paris area that is changing the lives of patients and doctors. He then takes him to the data center, which stores patients’ medical records totally securely.

Orange’s solution for film-free medical records

Thanks to the “No Film Area”, Orange’s photograph-free solution for X-rays, patient care is improved and doctors have easier access to images.  The system also improves the security of medical records, compliance with management rules, and storage of patients’ medical records, as well as reducing costs by avoiding unnecessary or redundant examinations. The system’s per-intervention payment method enables hospitals to rationalize their management. Patient records are securely transferred between institutions and stored totally securely at Orange data centers, certified by the French Ministry of Health.

Orange and Healthcare

Orange increased its commitment to the healthcare sector in 2007, when it set up Orange Healthcare. This division is currently helping all the operators in the ecosystem to work together, while enabling patients to benefit from innovations in order to improve the management of their healthcare. Notable for instance are telemedicine, remote monitoring, and shared medical imaging solutions, platforms that enable medical appliances to be linked, and information and communication solutions for hospitals, as well as secure identification systems using a SIM card.