S1 ep02: the Orange megastore in Lille, France

Jean-Christophe is meeting with Axelle, a sales advisor at the Orange megastore in Lille, in northern France. He discovers a friendly and efficient concept store where customers enjoy an excellent service.

the Orange megastores

This innovative retail concept is dedicated to service and customer experience. By focusing on the customer’s digital journey, it introduces something new in the European telecom industry.
The Orange megastore concept has four key elements: receiving customers in style, offering experiences (TV, music and games), providing advice and coaching, and ensuring interactivity by displaying products on a self-service basis, with electronic tags.


the North of France

Our ADNDF regional distribution agency, created in July 2007, covers three administrative regions in the North and East of France: Nord Pas de Calais, Picardie and Champagne-Ardenne.
In their 55 Orange shops, including one Flagship and three of France’s 18 Megastores, the ADNDF’s 823 employees received 4.4 million customers in one year (between July 2011 and July 2012): about 10% of all customers who visited our shops in France in this period.

S1 ep01: the distribution of Orange Money, Madagascar

Mathilde flies off to Antananarivo, where she’s awaited by Henintsoa, Orange Money’s Head of Distribution in Madagascar. They show us how this payment service is changing the lives of the Malagasy.

Orange Money

Orange Money is an innovative payment service that enables customers to use their mobiles to make secure payments and other common banking transactions. The potential of such services is very high in Africa, where less than 10% of people have a bank account, while more than a third have mobile phones.
So sign up, you just need to be an Orange customer – whether you have a bank account or not. Your Orange Money account is activated free of charge, even without a deposit.
First introduced in Ivory Coast in 2008, Orange Money passed the 4 million customer mark in Africa and the Middle East in June 2012.
The service is now available in Ivory Coast, Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Niger and Senegal. We recently unveiled it in Jordan and Mauritius. Our objective is to offer Orange Money in all 22 countries of Africa and the Middle East where we operate.

Orange in Madagascar

Orange Madagascar, in which France Telecom-Orange owns a 71.79% stake, offers 2G and 3G mobile services on the consumer and business markets. Orange is the mobile leader in Madagascar, with 2.2 million active customers at the end of 2011. We provide the most extensive network coverage in the country and the only 3G service in major cities.